Facts About Mattresses

Mattresses can be used in different ways, they can be used to sleep and they can be used to put on the floor for kids to play on a soft surface. There are different kinds of mattresses for different uses as well. but never try to find it out.

If you are about to buy a mattress or you just feeling wise that you must know about the facts of mattresses then we suggest that you keep reading this post because here, you will be reading about facts of mattresses.

  1. Did you know that memory foam mattress in Abu Dhabi and memory foam mattress topper in Dubai are laying around here and there on the streets? You must be wondering that these things are super expensive then why someone would throw them away. Well that is because the locals or you can say Sheikhs of the UAE are so rich they don’t feel like bargaining on mattress replacement and they throw the current mattress outside and they buy the new one. And the people who need a mattress, they are allowed to take it and they can clean it or sell it to buy a new one.
  2. We all know who William Shakespeare is and the fact is that when he died, he had two bed and the bed on which he died he wrote a will that his death bed must be given to her daughter.
  3. Now a days everything can be recycled and if you are a world lover then you will be happy to know that the mattresses can be recycled as well. so the next time you are about to throw the mattress, make sure to place it on the side of the recycle dustbin.
  4. There is a mattress that is specifically made to place it on the floor and it is called a Futon mattress and this mattress is an invention of Japan.
  5. The beds of older times are most expensive and that is because they were hand crafted and they had wooden frames, ropes, leather and straw bags.
  6. Beds are really old things and this was discovered by different archaeologist and they discovered that the beds were dated back to 77,000 years ago in South Africa and in different parts of the world as well.

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