History of tractors

Tractors are machine that modernized agriculture all over the world. It is a technological machine that altered the nature of farm work and rural areas too. After the invention of tractors many employees that used to do the heavy lifting were freed. Tractor also provide great East to farmers in the cultivation of crops. They can be used in planting, cultivating, fertilizing and harvesting new crops. Also, tractors can be used in lifting heavy materials and formers use them for personal transportation.

In early 1900, farmers used to do the work of cultivation of cotton corn and wheat. They also used to raise livestock that produced dairy products. both these sectors were handled by only to source of powers. These sources for steam sources for steam engines and draft animals. But at that time very small number of farmers where using steam engines for doing arduous tasks. The most commonly used source for all the heavy work for heavy work were draft animals. Horses and mules were used for this purpose. These animals were used for mowing, cultivating and reaping. Few tasks we are also done by hand at this time like picking of cotton and corn.

Plowing needed a great amount of power that was given by horses. For this purpose, farmers use to keep extra number of horses. But the maintenance and cost of more horses increases expense. By the start of 1870 steam tractors were released. This was a huge tractor that was 30000 pounds in size and had impressive horsepower but it had some flaws in it. Like it could explode that made it less valuable in farmers. Also steam engine Tractors got stuck in driest soil and it was not fulfilling the purpose. So, these tractors were excluded and were not used in farming.

At the start of 20th century stationary gasoline engines released. the purpose of the stationary gasoline engine was to provide is in heavy duty work like pumping water and churning butter. After that companies started to develop gasoline power tractor and the first tractor was sold in 1902.

These tractors of massey ferguson 399 tractor and disc plough tractors were huge and weight 2000 to 3000 pounds. They were pretty expensive and had huge Steel body. Large manufacturing companies started to build such Tractors.

Factors provide a social and economic benefit. They increase the productivity of agriculture. Many farmers were relieved from their work and they are able to do other jobs in industries. It increases earning as well as reduces human labor.

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