6 Things to know about a HydraFacial Treatment

6 Things to know about a HydraFacial Treatment

Hydrafacial in Dubai is a popular ‘vortex’ technique that can provide long-lasting skin results through the use of a scrub brush and a pore vacuum to clean your skin and exfoliate it to get rid of all the impurities from your skin.

You can get the required results in 3 or 4 sessions after visiting your skin specialist and a good clinic for the treatment.

The facial technique involved in hydra facial is even better than treatments like botox or mole removal. Dubai has a lot of available options and good clinics that perform the hydrafacial technique with a hydradermabrasion device.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 6 things to know about a hydrafacial treatment to help you understand the process in a more detailed version.

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  1. Customized Fillers and Serums

The process uses customized fillers and serums to deal with certain issues as it has the ability to deal with a variety of skin related concerns of the patients. The treatment isn’t painful at all as it’s quick, effective, and really consistent.

  1. Same Process

No matter how many sessions you go through, it will still feel the same as the tool uses the same process and offers the same results to the patients. It is a consistent process that eliminates the problem from the roots.

  1. Deplaning Technique

This technique usually involves the outer layer of the skin and extracts all the makeup dirt and oil from the open pores. Then it uses the hydradermabrasion tool to pull out all the impurities and apply a serum to provide a brightening and hydrating effect.

  1. Benefits of HydraFacial

It’s very effective on your skin and provides 100% results depending on the needs of your skin. It provides a refreshing look by filling in wrinkles and lines and by boosting collagen to reduce discolorations. It can be also used for other techniques like botox and laser treatments.

  1. Concerns

The treatment is performed to address concerns like pigmentation, uneven skin tone, sun-damaged skin, and other skin problems. It helps in reducing acne, cleaning clogged pores, decreasing hyperpigmentation, and pulling out blackheads.

  1. Session

The session usually lasts for about 30 minutes and you can even go on for days without even applying makeup. However, you can visit every few months based on your skin needs and dermatologist’s recommendation.